Movie Legos: from Hollywood to your collection
Movie Legos: from Hollywood to your collection
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May 27, 2024

Have you always wanted to be the star of your own movie? Let me tell you, it's now possible thanks to movie Legos. Now you can make your own scene from Planet of the Apes or even Star Wars. Thanks to Movie Legos.

Have you always wanted to be the protagonist of your own film? Let me tell you that now it is possible thanks to Legos movies. Now you can make your own scene from Planet of the Apes or even Star Wars. Thanks to Lego Movies.

What are movie Legos?

Lego movie sets are Lego brand construction sets that recreate the most iconic scenes of the film world. These sets not only allow fans to recreate their favorite scenes, but they can also make them with their own hands. In this way they can dive into the cinematic universes in a fun way. These movie-based Legos are popular thanks to their ability to connect with people who are passionate about cinema and creativity.

Benefits of Lego movies

Playing with Legos has many benefits that help from children to adults. Thanks to the Legos of films we get a fine motor skill, which has a relationship with the muscular work of fingers and hands that are coordinated with the eyes.Also, it allows us to develop intelligence, allowing us to experiment and learn about the environment. With proportions and symmetry, we can better understand space. A very important benefit is that it enhances sociability, since playing with other people makes us more sociable, encouraging teamwork and collaboration. If you build movie legos with your child, you should know that this allows you to bond better with your firstborn, since you both work as if you were a team to build your set. Playing with lego movie sets allows you to be more creative and improves your self-esteem as you build something with your own hands, which makes you feel more confident and satisfied with your work.

Discover the mythical scenes of Lego movies

Now you can recreate your favorite movie scenes with the Lego Moc movies. Discover a fascinating world in which you are the protagonist. Planet of the Apes: If it’s one of your favorite movies, let me tell you that you now have the possibility to recreate one of the most famous scenes of the planet of the apes. Just the scene of the head of the statue of liberty on the beach. 2001: A Space Odyssey: You can now recreate one of Stanley Kubick’s masterpiece scenes and make your own space odyssey from home. If you are a fan of the film, we advise you to get the special model you can build one of the scenes of the final part of the film. Imperial Hangar: The Imperial Hangar is also known as the loading docks or landing pad, repair and refueling of Star Wars vehicles. Now you can make your own with the original Lego pieces. Now you can collect your favorite scenes and make it your own exhibition! Thanks to Lego movies you can even increase their value over time. In Made Of Brick we are a shop specialized in MOC Lego, we have your favorite themes. If you want more information you can contact us.