All of our models are made with original pieces of LEGO© brand

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1º Choose the LEGO© MOC model that you would like to build, and make your purchase.

2º We will begin the order process as soon as we receive the notice.

3º In a few days you will receive the model perfectly packaged in your home.

Make your personalized Lego set!

We are able to design any item by order

At Madeofbrick, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experiment with custom Lego sets and discover their own creative potential. That is why we design your most original creation, whether it is something you invented, your house, your company, a company logo or simply a famous monument that is not in our catalog.

Other custom designs we have created

Buy LEGO© MOC set at Madeofbrick

Build incredible LEGO© MOC sets

Madeofbrick is an online store specialized in the sale of the most incredible LEGO© MOC kits and sets skyscrapers, monuments, football stadiums< /strong> and much more.

With us you have majestic Legos to build. Who wouldn't like to have the Statue of Liberty built with LEGO© MOC pieces? And, both this monument and many other sets that we have in our store, are complete challenges for Lego fans.

different models and we can also design personalized LEGO© MOC sets. Do you want a replica of a specific monument? Would you like to give a special and different gift? Ask us without obligation and we will make the model of your project!

The best LEGO© MOC sets

At Madeofbrick we have a large selection of LEGO© MOC constructions. From monuments like Notre Dame to rock concerts like Queen. Discover in our store everything we have for you and don't wait any longer to place your order and start building.

Trust is our key piece

We only provide official Lego parts

All pieces are original and authentic Lego brand, and new (we do not use used parts). There are companies that offer great models at reduced prices, but be careful! They are non-original Lego clone pieces.

We provide you free shipping

All purchases you make in our online store have free shipping, to any country in the world. So don't wait any longer and discover now everything we have available in our Lego MOC store.

Mockups made and personalized for you

Each order is special to us, so we do it with great care and caution. Your order may take 5 to 20 business days. But remember... they will be original pieces and without errors!

Get your personalized Lego set

Custom Lego kits are a fantastic way to make your creations even more unique and special. Although ready-made models are incredibly popular and offer a variety of options, custom kits allow you to create models that fit your tastes and needs.

Unleash your creativity

There are several ways you can get a custom Lego kit. One of them is to create it yourself. If you have an idea for the model and it is not available in our online store, you can ask us to create it for you.

We are manufacturers of personalized Lego kits, with us there are no limits, we can create any design: monuments, accessories, houses, etc.

Do you want to give the perfect gift? Give a personalized Lego kit

Custom Lego kits are a great way to give your children a special gift. If your child is a Lego fan, what better gift than being able to create their own construction?

If you want to take one of your creations to the next level, whether you are a child or an adult, do not hesitate to buy a LEGO MOC with Madeofbrick. Ask us without obligation!

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