What am I buying exactly?
You buy a kit containing LEGO® parts to build a model, and you will also receive instructions to build it, just like the official LEGO® models.

Am I receiving original LEGO® pieces?
Yes, of course.  We only purchase new, original parts of the LEGO® brand.

How are the building instructions?
The instructions are designed in a professional manner, with indications so building your model becomes as easy as possible for you.  In addition to that, you will receive a list of all the parts (number of units, color, reference number, etc.) so that you can check and organize the pieces as you wish.

Do I receive the instructions in paper form?
No, instructions are sent as a PDF document, by email.

How long does it take to receive my order?
The moment we receive your payment, we start to gather all the necessary parts through our providers.  Since most models contain a large number of pieces, and we have to collaborate with different providers, this may take approximately 10 to 15 work days.  The moment we have received all the pieces, we carefully pack them in one or more secure boxes, and we send them to the buyer.

What if I am in a hurry and I need the order as soon as possible?
In that case we recommend that you make the order as soon as possible.  These products are custom made by order and they are not ready for immediate shipment.

Which is the shipping service you rely upon?
All products are shipped using the official postal service of Spain (Correos España), which is a secure and trustworthy method, and it includes a tracking number.

How much does it cost to ship an order to my country?
All models include free shipment to any country in the world.  If for any circumstance you need to receive it very quickly, it could be sent through express service such as DHL, FedEx, etc., but that would require an additional cost.

Can I cancel an order?
Due to the characteristics of these products, it is not possible to cancel an order, unless the cancellation takes place immediately.  We start purchasing pieces as soon as the order arrives, usually within the first 24 hours after the payment is received.

Can I really order anything?
Everything can be reproduced with LEGO®! Although we strongly recommend that you provide detailed, high quality photos from different angles, to achieve the best possible result.